This website provides community information about the use and rental of the Masonic Temple Building facilities at 5th and Warren in Bremerton, Washington.

Menu options are at the top. Here are some additional hints at what you can find:
INFORMATION: This menu option provides information about Masonry and about our Temple. Reservation information is provided, you can take a quick tour of the building, and find a caterer.

VISIT US: provides a map of the area and links to the Masonic Lodges that are located at this Temple. A link to the District 3 and Dist 12 Masonic Organizations on West Puget Sound is also provided.

EVENTS: This menu option provides information about the regular events scheduled monthly at the temple and lists the Concordant Masonic organizations in the area.

CONTACTS: provides names, phone numbers, and email addresses of Temple Board officers. It also provides you with a means for feedback of your comments to the webmaster and the Board.

LINKS: this page provides links to other web sites you may find interesting and educational.

SITE MAP: Provides another means of finding information at this site.
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